I hate people who wear bluetooths. Ok, maybe it’s convenient in the car, I’ll give you that. But when you’re just walking around? Or at a business lunch? With a bunch of other people? You are not talking to anyone and you do not look important/tech savvy. You look like an idiot with that giant flashy thing hanging off of your ear. Why don’t you just go get a pager and attach it to your belt-loop? Like it would be inconvenient for you to place your phone in your bag and pick it up when it rings like normal people? And what about when you are using it, and you come up behind me and say something, and of course I assume you’re talking to me because you’re not holding a phone, and then you look at me like I’m the freakin moron?? You are such a lazy asshole. “It hurts too much to lift my hand to my ear!!” Fuck off.