Tribute to Heath

If you’ve been missing Heath Ledger since his untimely death in late January, try this. Starting July 11, The Terrace Theatre on James Island will offer five of Ledger’s movies once a day for an entire week leading up to the opening of The Dark Knight, Ledger’s final work. Movies on the menu include: Lords of Dogtown, Brokeback Mountain, Candy, Brothers Grimm, and Monster’s Ball. —Alison Sher

Two New Films Being Made in S.C.

Two new feature films have just been approved to begin filming in South Carolina this year. Hallmark Production’s Band of Angels, a post-Civil War story about the history of the Fisk University gospel singers, will be shot primarily around Charleston. Dear John, based on (ladies grab your Kleenex) a Nicholas Sparks novel, is set to be filmed in multiple locations around the Carolina coast. According to the state’s Department of Commerce, both movies will be quality family entertainment that casts the Palmetto State in the positive light. Judging from the language of the press release, a positive light is something the bureaucrats wish to maintain. —Alison Sher

‘Extreme Akim’ Goes to Hollywood (S.C.)

In Eye for an Eye, a People’s Court spin-off, the popular local lawyer Akim Anastopoulo, nicknamed “Extreme Akim,” wields a baseball bat on which the word “justice” is emblazoned. It’s among the worst — and campiest — of the judge-oriented shows.

At any rate, Anastopoulo is also the head of a television and movie company called Atlas Worldwide Syndication and Distribution. The company announced last week that it’s nearly finished working on what it says is the largest movie studio in the Palmetto State in Hollywood, S.C.

Located downtown in a former Piggly-Wiggly, the studio is a four-stage, three-acre facility that will open next month. It’s already being used for pre-production and has a high-definition “camera package.” Future renovations will include an additional 20,000 square feet to the sound stage.

Anastopoulo says he plans to move filming of Eye for an Eye to his South Carolina site. We’re certain “Extreme Akim” is dedicated to bringing filmmaking to the Lowcountry that’s as high a quality as his television show (which, by the way, is hosted by none other than Kato Kaelin, a surfer dude famed for his role in the O.J. Simpson trial). —John Stoehr