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Strange Gems

Heather Rice considers herself a “pop singer with a propensity for jazz.” Growing up near Ormond Beach, Florida, she inadvertently discovered many of the great American classics at an early age, changing her life. “One day, when I was about 12, I found an old song book at a garage sale with tons of obscure standards in it,” Rice recalled. Sight reading through such books would become her favorite hobby. “The songs were little treasures I would uncover.” Within these yellowed pages, Rice said, there were plenty of “strange little gems” that not many folks have heard.

It was while honing her skills as an actress and songstress that Rice felt drawn to the Lowcountry’s arts scene. “My husband and I had both lived in major cities and although we still wanted a thriving artist community and culture scene, we also wanted to start a family in a smaller town. Charleston checked all the boxes and really has become home.”

Rice is incredibly grateful for all that she has achieved thus far in the world of musical theater and beyond. And she is particularly excited to share her most recent creative visions during an intimate performance at Forte Jazz Lounge this week.

Although Rice has shared the stage with luminaries like Joan Osborne, Sheryl Crow and Lady A, she hasn’t measured success that way.
“[Success] is achieving a sense of musical freedom so that I have the emotional capacity to be present and vulnerable for my music,” she said. “I find that as I continue to seek these things my work just gets better and better, more prolific. There is not a pot at the end of the rainbow. This work, this is the rainbow.”