Credit: Heather Rice

Charleston singer-songwriter Heather Rice started dabbling in filmmaking about two years ago. In August she debuted the video for her new single, “Matchbox Home,” a product of the pandemic summer and going a little stir crazy in the house, just her and her toddler. 

“I was really hungry for creation, which tends to happen when I’m mostly momming,” Rice said, who is currently pregnant with her second child.

So she asked her husband to take the kid for the weekend, and she tucked herself away in an AirStream in Travelers Rest. The owners transformed the trailer into a time capsule from the ‘70s. 

“When you step into the AirStream you feel like you’re in 1974. The Brady Bunch was playing on the TV.” 

Her main goal was to catch the natural light, and without knowing anything about lighting, she zeroed in on where the sun was coming through the windows. Her first time without a producer, the video for “Matchbox Home” was totally DIY, written, shot and produced herself. Then she took it home and spent a month editing. 

“I really didn’t know anything, and I was not afraid to fail,” she said.

It can be an intimate experience to have someone film you or take your picture — to do it yourself is a deeper journey. 

“Since I started shooting myself, I realized that I was very critical of myself in the beginning. But the more I got used to editing, the more subjective my images became. I started noticing that light played a major role, and I started to be less critical of myself because I saw it as a subjective piece of art.”

Written 10 years ago, “Matchbox Home” is about moving from making immature, impulsive decisions in an unfocused state to a place where you want to strengthen your faith and clarify what you want in life, she said.

“It’s about getting really small and quiet and listening and reading and studying. I feel every lyric. Sometimes when you get small in your home and get right, you can know where you’re going.”