Sometimes an editor sends out an assignment and the writer turns in perfectly cool copy and the editor in a moment of idiocy forgets all about it. That has never happened to me — never ever ever — but here’s a write up our web guru Joshua Curry did on punk rock one-man bander Joe Buck.

Buck’s playing tonight at the Recovery Room (685 King St., Downtown, 843-727-0999). Our man Curry caught Buck back in Sept. ’08.

Here’s the write up (which was never ever assigned out, written, and then forgotten by an editor):

Best conversation with a hellbilly hero

Joe Buck

The Recovery Room Sept. 10, 2008

Sipping tea outside his RV in front of the Recovery Room, Joe Buck relaxed and carefully restrung his guitar. His chilled and generous attitude wasn’t what you’d expect for one of the most intense solo performers on the road right now. While waiting for dinner and hanging with his dog, he talked about life on tour with Hank III, staring at the hands El Greco painted at the Art Institute in Chicago, and being sober. A drunken fan came up with some crazy loud energy and he just looked in her eyes while she ranted. Within minutes she was calm, and he talked to her directly and earnestly. She hugged him and quietly walked away. He then walked inside and blew everyone’s mind with a demonic brimstone boot stomp rock. —Joshua Curry