228178_10150209236281489_744456488_6799948_7388712_n.jpg(Courtesy of the film’s Kickstarter page.)

By now, you’ve read about Kickstarter in the City Paper a bunch of times, in regards to Receiver Fest, local band Leslie, the Girls Rock Camp, and I’m sure some other people I’m forgetting. But we’ve heard there’s someone else looking to generate funds through the website, and it took us a little bit by surprise: Catherine Bell.

Yes, the very same star of Army Wives is hoping to find backers for her film, The B-Ring. The sci-fi film will be directed by Adam Beason, Bell’s husband, and she’ll star as Roksana O’Neill, a flight engineer who has to defend a space freighter (on a mission to save Earth) from hijackers. They’re looking to raise $35,000, which will go to pre-production costs. As of press time, they’ve already hit $28,000. If they make enough money, The B-Ring will be filmed locally at Studio Charleston, which opened in the last few months. The fundraiser ends June 18, so if you’re feeling generous, you better get to donating at kickstarter.com. If you pledge $1,000 or more, Belle will personally call you to share her gratitude.

The B-Ring isn’t the only Charleston-based film looking for cash on Kickstarter. Local school counselor Henry Snyder is hoping to find enough funds to make Not So Much, a feature length movie about what happens to a relationship when Danny (Patrick Hussion) relocates to Charleston, where Jill (Michelle Mills) lives and works. If you donate enough, you’ll get a chance to be an extra or even have a line in this film. They need $15,000 by June 20.