Ever since Cynthia Wong, former pastry chef at Butcher & Bee, told us she was starting her own food truck with pastry chef Mary Oster, we’ve been anxiously awaiting the first opportunity to get a taste. And it’s here, friends. It’s here.
[content-3] Tomorrow, Fri. May 25, Life Raft Treats is setting up at the corner of Calhoun and St. Philip St. from noon to 4 p.m.
[content-2] On the menu? A Kung Fu Taco — think chocotaco but with sherbet; a brown butter pistachio blonde titled Cardi C; a Strawbrrr Shortie made up of strawberry sherbet and a shortbread cookie, a Minty Cohn made of mint chocolate ice cream in a chocolate shell, and, of course, Wong’s Not Fried Chicken drumsticks.
[content-1] Wong says that Life Raft Treat’s food truck is currently under construction with Gorilla Fabrication, but they’ll have a treat cart set up to serve on Friday in the FedEx space that once housed Pink Bellies.

Life Raft Treats can take cash or card and everything is $5 or two for $9.