[image-1] In the days leading up to Christmas 1989, harsh winter weather descended across the nation, with single-digit temperatures dipping as far south as the Gulf coast.

The freezing weather brought nearly a foot of snow to some parts of the Carolinas. The Charleston airport reported eight inches of snow, leaving the area ravaged by Hurricane Hugo just a few months earlier with a picturesque white Christmas.
[content-6] Talking with The State in 2009, John Royall, owner of Royall Hardware in Mt. Pleasant, said after growing weary of downed trees and destruction from Hugo, the snow was a welcome break.

“It just looked so desolate. I’m a firm believer that the good Lord sent that snow to cover it all up. It was absolutely beautiful.”
[content-3] For most of us, the 1989 white Christmas lives on in anecdotes like Royall’s, in local Weather Channel archives on YouTube (which is a thing!), and in photos shared by longtime Charleston residents online. Local resident Keith Purdy shared a few photos of Charleston-as-Winter Wonderland in the Charleston History before 1945 Facebook group last week and was kind enough to allow us to share them with you.

Unfortunately, it looks like today’s precip in Charleston will be more ice and less of the fun fluffy stuff, but we’ll see! Stay warm, y’all.

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