First the electionanigans, then the loss of Leonard Cohen. We could all use some good news this week, right? Something to look forward to. Enter High Water Festival. Here’s what we know ’bout that.

We’ve deduced so far that Shovels & Rope, along with several bands closely linked with the Lowcountry couple, will be putting on a brand new festival at Riverfront Park called High Water Fest. When? That one we don’t know yet, but we’ll all find out soon.

The hints began yesterday on Facebook when Shovels & Rope posted this cryptic video featuring their fave Lowcountry imagery, along with the hashtag #staydry.

Soon after, Jump Little Children followed suit, posting this image and the #staydry hashtag, along with a link that lets you sign up for email notifications from Ding ding ding!

Then INDIANOLA, Owen Beverly’s latest project, posted the same High Water Fest logo on Instagram and tagged his location at North Charleston Riverfront Park.

It’s worth noting that Riverfront Park holds sentimental value to Shovels & Rope and friends as it’s the same venue where musician Eric Brantley’s memorial was held earlier this year. Brantley, who was murdered leaving work at the Sparrow in April, was a long-time dear friend to Cary Ann Hearst and Michael Trent, along with many other local musicians, and was honored in the track “Eric’s Birthday” off the duo’s recent release, Little Seeds. We can only assume this choice in venue is another way to honor Brantley’s memory.

INDIANOLA’s post also revealed that the skinny on High Water Festival would be announced in a matter of days.

The promise of seeing ShoRo, Jump Little Children, and INDIANOLA perform on the same stage is already enough to get us through the rest of this week. We’ll announce the High Water date and full lineup as soon as we know, so watch this space.

Oh, and #staydry, fam.

Update: Slow Runner’s been promoting the fest on social media too, so thus far we’re looking at a Shoro, JLC, INDIANOLA, and Slow Runner hootenanny.