In just three short weeks the streets of Charleston will be crawling with spooky zombies, too-soon outfits, and a few very sexy pizza rats. We’ve rounded up some of the best Lowcountry spots for costume shopping, from those big pop-up shops that open once a year to the ever faithful thrift stores. While we can’t tell you what to be for Halloween (cough*pizzarat*cough) we can at least point you in the right direction. 
Cavortress recently moved to a new location in North Chuck where you can browse its vintage costumes, wigs, wings, horns, tails, and more. 

West Ashley’s Hokus Pokus has hundreds of costumes with your standard sexy fill-in-the-blank fare. This place is open year-round and they even offer rentals so make sure to check back for your slutty Santa costume in a few months. 

The area’s Goodwill and thrift stores invite you to use a little creativity in your costume-crafting, which we always think is a little more fun and a lot more cheap. Check out our round-up, from this summer’s student guide, of places to buy clothes on the cheap.

If you want to snatch up the sexiest costumes in town make sure to check out Chateau Exxxperience on Dorchester Road. 

Halloween Express in North Charleston promises some real doozies like what we’ve found on their Facebook: Bacon and Eggs, Obama and Trump masks, and tiny little toddler dragons. 

The Trunk Show on Meeting St. is the place to go for snazzy (please see: pricey) all Hallow’s Eve threads. 

City Paper has a style guru on staff — head to Kelly Rae’s Run Around Sue vintage store for all your throwback costume needs. 

Party Plan-It in Patriots Plaza hosts a big ‘ol sign out front that reads “Halloween” so we think they’ve got plenty of stuff — costumes and party gear included — to tickle your fancy.