[image-1]We’ve got a little less than a month before Mardi Gras, but that doesn’t mean local pastry shops aren’t already taking orders for King Cakes, those “flat, misshapen rings of cinnamon roll dough coated with a layer of sloppy icing that looks smeared on by a three year old” as Robert Moss once described them.

For the uninitiated, King Cakes are a New Orleans tradition where the King Cake represents the biblical Three Kings. A trinket or baby is typically baked inside the cake  and the person who receives the slice of cake with the baby is declared the King or Queen of the day. Fun, right?

If you, unlike Moss, love that idea, well good news. You can order yours now and have your pick between local pastry shops. Here’s where to get one:


Lauren Mitterer is now accepting orders for her $18, 10-inch King Cakes. Pick up can be arranged for Feb. 9-13.

Brown’s Court Bakery

Has already taken a few pre-Mardi Gras order for their King Cakes. This year they’re offering the traditional cinnamon version for $20 plus tax, with or without baby. Brown’s Court’s Miles Boinest says, “Typically we need 1-2 days heads up for orders, but we’ll have a limited quantity for pickup on Mardi Gras.”

Callie’s Hot Little Biscuit

Continues their tradition of offering King Cake biscuits this year and you can pre-order a baker’s dozen of the short cake, vanilla icing biscuits now. No word on pricing, but we do know Callie’s will make them available in the store beginning Feb. 9.
[location-2]Saffron Bakery
Saffron has Danish, cream-cheese filled King Cakes available but note: they do not put the babies in them as it’s a choking hazard. Saffron did not have a specific price yet for the cakes, but did say people can order now and have the cake ready the next day provided the order comes in before 3 p.m.
[location-1]Glazed Gourmet
This year Glazed once again is making King Cake donuts. Feb. 10th-13th you can snag one for $3.25 a pop. Or, if you’d like to share a whole box with friend, Glazed is taking orders in advance for half a dozen. Glazed’s Alyssa Campell says, “Some will have babies in them and if they bring it back in they get a free doughnut!” Email orders@glazedgourmet.com to place your order.