Band of Skulls are an alt-rock trio from Southampton, U.K., touring the States behind a new single titled “Fires” and a critically-acclaimed album titled Baby Darling Doll Face Honey — a hefty collection of reverb-drenched post-grunge indie-rock that sizzled on iTunes. This is the first North American tour for drummer Matthew Hayward, guitarist/vocalist Russell Marsden, and bassist/vocalist Emma Richardson. Here are five good reasons to consider attending their performance this Wednesday:

• The trio shares the same hometown with 1980s synth-pop star Howard Jones and Coldplay drummer Will Champion. Whether they’ll pay tribute to such astounding coincidental facts with renditions of “Things Van Only Get Better” or “Cry” remain to be seen or heard.

• Guitarist Russell Marsden is a character. He has a Kenny Loggins beard, a Kurt Cobain haircut, a Nigel Tufnel accent, and a Jack White guitar tone.

• As the newest inductee into the “Cool Chick Bassist Club” (in the subcategory where female bass players in otherwise all-guy rock groups), Emma Richardson has joined the ranks of Kim Deal (of The Pixies), Kim Gordon (of Sonic Youth), Tina Weymouth (of the Talking Heads), Laura Ballance (of Superchunk), Leslie Langston (of Throwing Muses), Debbie George (of My Bloody Valentine), and Juliana Hatfield (of The Blake Babies). With her Chrissie Hynde hair-do, she’s currently at top ranking.

• The title track from the debut album is fist-pumpingly anthemic, noisy, hope ‘n’ joy-filled … and concludes with beautiful Fender guitar feedback.

• Local indie rock band Firework Show share the bill at the club … and drummer Brandon Gallagher, singer/guitarist Zach Bodtorf, keyboardist Braxton Brown, and bassist Casey Atwater may very well steal the show.