Sitting at work, wondering why everyone is wearing pink and red? (Or are we the only ones celebrating this beloved holiday?) Yes, y’all, it’s Valentine’s Day, and you better believe your significant other, bff, or gym crush wants a gift. They do, we promise. Here are some very, very last minute ideas for V-day surprises for the loves in your lives. [content-1]
Swing by Muddy Waters for a floral pop-up until 7 p.m., with arrangements from Modern Floral. Just think — you can chug an espresso (or today’s special, a raspberry mocha made with dark or white chocolate), repeat “I got this,” and snag some beautiful flowers for your lover. Email agl@modernfloral.com for more details.
[location-1] Haegur Plant Truck has set up shop at Park Cafe until 2 p.m. If you’re a true millennial, then you’re getting your S.O. a plant, goddamnit. Be that cool partner, embody that shit.
[location-2] As of this morning Brown’s Court had a ton of message cookies — big colorful hearts with such sweet nothings as “hunk” and “#alone.” So, yeah, maybe one of those is just for you.
[location-3]You can surprise your adventurous sweetie with a climb at Wild Blue Ropes (on Friday at 6 p.m.) with a Valentine’s deal, $50/per couple. You can BYOB and a romantic dinner to enjoy at the bonfire after your climb.
[location-4]Snag vintage clothes from Red Rose Vintage, parked at AAA Storage (44 Line St.) downtown today from 12-3 p.m.


Any other last-minute pop-ups happening around town? Email all the details to connelly@charlestoncitypaper.com.