You’ve probably read this rant a thousand times from others, so please bear with me (though it may be edited, or not posted). This morning, 8/30/10, I saw a white Volvo S-80 clip a blue Honda Accord on I-20, in the Columbia corridor. I had observed both drivers text messaging, prior to the accident. The white Volvo tried to merge into the lane where the Honda was, very abruptly, with no turn signal. After the impact (which was fairly minimal, save for the loss of the Honda’s right mirror), the Volvo fled the scene, at over 100 mph, starting off in the breakdown lane. It happened so quickly that I couldn’t even get a tag number. When I passed the Honda, the woman driving was STILL text messaging, apparently unaware that her right mirror was gone, and that her car had sustained damage. At that point, she was doing around 45-50 mph, straddling two lanes. As I passed her, she showed no excitement, no gestures, anything. I honked my horn, trying to get her attention, but she was oblivious to everything around her. In frustration, I continued, as I wasn’t aware of the *HP feature on my cellphone, to call it in to the Highway Patrol (a friend on Facebook told me about this feature, later). I never use my cellphone while driving, unless I’m parked – even with a headset. Here’s the deal, folks – technology is a wonderful thing, enabling us to perform many tasks, and to help organize our lives. However, there are too many Americans that have become over-dependent on this form of technology – to the point of having short-term memory loss, as well as being diagnosed with having ADD/ADHD, since their attention spans are so short, thanks to television, the Internet, video gaming, et cetera, providing instant gratification on a regular basis. My point, is this: people have become so unaware of others, in a social sense; they’ve become self-absorbed, to an unnatural degree. The rights, and lives of others, are becoming endangered by this behavior. Laws may be passed, as the NTSB has data of many car accidents, showing smartphone use as the primary cause. More human rights are going to disappear, due to the bad judgement of a few. People need to wake up, and stop this madness, pronto. We already have speedcams at many intersections, and laser technology is giving law enforcement more effective tools. George Orwell gave us a glimpse in his novel, 1984. If we allow people to continue on this destructive path, social skills will be utterly gone. Home-schooling will become the norm for children, further isolating human beings from social interaction, learning good manners, etiquette, and common courtesy. It is happening all around us, people. Technology is turning many people out there – into ‘droids’. We all need to acknowledge this problem, or this nation will become just like the Roman Empire. I hope that this missive finds everyone well, and if you’ve made it this far – thanks for reading.