Hey idiots on I-26 in the construction area. The idiots that flashed that taxi from Monks Coner. You two are do not need to be driving. The taxi guy was following trafic laws and the other two lanes were clear for the taking. So next time when you need to shit bad enough to have to speed down the road and someone is going too slow and you are going to shit your pants overtake the dude in another lane! Don’t flash your highbeems at the person you can CHANGE LANES! Wha I know this is a new concept but try it out and maybe you can get to the porcelain swirly sooner and you can finally let go of the shit that you have been holding in. Now you can wipe your brow of that sweat from holding it in. And remember to wipe your ass. I hope that your fingers break through the TP and you have the bad kind of smelly finger.