Michael Furlinger, former owner of the Terrace Theater on James Island and current owner of the Hippodrome in downtown Charleston, tweeted some ominous messages this past weekend, claiming his movie theater would close on Sept. 1 without more support from the community. On Monday, he finally expanded on his warning with a press release.

Apparently, the Hippodrome is “currently loosing between $5,000 to $10,000 per month.” Furlinger writes that he would have just given up on the business, but hasn’t because his theater is the only one downtown and “one of the best movie theaters in the nation,” noting that the Hippodrome has “the largest screen in Charleston, leather BMW seating, unbelievable sound, and now free parking.”
Movie fans have until Sept. 1 to show their support and give the Hippodrome a second chance. As Furlinger wrote, “If we did not love this theater, we would have closed it months ago.”