The Hippodrome was a-thumping Saturday night. Literally. Overwhelmingly loud house music pulsated throughout the venue, which had been transformed inside and out into a club-type environment for Get Your Roll On, a sushi event benefiting Darkness to Light. Bright lights, flashing in a way that would make Kanye proud, distracted from the beautiful views of the harbor as patrons lined up for sushi offerings from local establishments.

We made our way through the crowd to survey the culinary offerings. Outside, Tsunami was serving up a Salad Roll Chirashi, while Locals Sushi Bar offered a Mango Roll. Cru Café was also on the scene, with a Shikai Maki that featured fresh tuna, grilled asparagus, and mango.

Though I’m definitely a fan of sushi, I couldn’t stomach the idea of eating it outside in the Charleston heat, so we headed into the Hippodrome in search of air conditioning. The LED lights followed us inside where the theater’s lobby was almost unrecognizable, drowning in a sea of blue lights. The concession stands had the typical movie theater lines, only instead of selling popcorn and Raisinettes, they acted as makeshift bars for the event. We opted to flee the scene before the Red Bull After Party, seeking solace at a mellow bar where the only bright light in sight was a Budweiser sign.