Saturday’s Naughty or Nice event at downtown eatery Fuel was a combination of cold weather, Rasta jams, and death-defying boarding dives. The outdoor parking lot was filled with party staples like a beer truck and Dub Island Soundsystem’s DJ tent, but the most curious prop was the two-story snowboarding ramp covered in manufactured snow and ice. The apparatus looked like something designed by Wile E. Coyote, and the fates of most boarders were similar to those of the hapless animated daredevil. The very first rider shot down the slope and anticipated his jump, only to aim too high and hit the overhead marquee provided by event sponsor Red Bull. The crowd offered their sympathetic groans to those who didn’t pull off their runs, but after each failed attempt, they were recharged and chanting for the next Tony Hawk wannabe to test out the slope. Regardless of the results, an evening of snowboarding in downtown Charleston was just the thing to turn our subtropic peninsula into a Winter Wonderland.

Snowboarding Contest from Charleston City Paper on Vimeo.