[image-1]Looks like the Holy City will get its moment in the spotlight on MTV after all. We hear from Paul Roof at the Holy City Beard and Moustache Society that the club recently participated in a Fredericksburg, Va. competition that was filmed by the network. “We were also at a filming earlier in the year in Greensboro,” Roof adds.

Apparently MTV is getting in on the beard-and-mustache circuit, which until now has been handled mostly by the Independent Film Channel’s reality series Whisker Wars (Roof came in third in one of the competitions featured on the show).

According to Fredericksburg newspaper The Freelance-Star, the filming was for an upcoming MTV show called Save the Beard. Frankly, the premise sounds less then riveting. A bearded man is married to a woman who wants him to shave the beard. He doesn’t want to. But we’ll watch it anyway if it means catching a glimpse of our own Holy City bearded dudes, several of whom could be featured on the show. Roof says episodes are expected to start airing in October.