In the latest Southern Living Readers Choice Awards poll, voters did what voters do in these sorts of things — they make some picks that have you nodding enthusiastically and shouting amen like you do whenever the Rev. Handkerchief Head delivers a particularly moving sermon and others that have you looking as WTF-confused as Miss Teen South Carolina. Charleston barely beat out Dollywood in the category of favorite shopping destination? Cripes, what in the Herb Huffington have Southern Living readers been smoking. (Don’t know who Herb is, well, you can go here, or you can pick up our Year End Double Issue to learn about his short and strange trip with salvia divinorum, a legal hallucinogen you can buy at the local head shop.)

OK. Truth be told, Chuck didn’t barely beat Dolly. Chucktown bested Gaitlinburg/Pigeon Forge, a much larger but still equally Hatfields v. McCoys tourist stop. However, Charleston fell behind Michael Vicksburg, a.k.a. the ATL, which landed in the No. 1 spot.

That said, the Holy City was voted the best southern city for the fifth year in a row.

For the complete list, go here.