[image-1] Holy Spokes Charleston Bike Share is offering a $5 year membership for low-to-moderate income adults. The one-year membership includes two hours of riding per day, with the ability to put it on hold for 30 minutes and a complimentary helmet, so you can get to the store, school, work, or any other place on the peninsula for an affordable price.
[content-4] Memberships are $5 and can be paid with cash, check, or money order at one of the following locations:

Bridgeview Village Office
108 North Romney St.

Shaw Community Center
20 Mary St.

Arthur W. Christopher Community Center
265 Fishburne St.

Charleston City Recreation
823 Meeting St.

There is no qualification process, nor are residents required to bring proof of income.

“The Just Ride program is designed to increase the access of the Holy Spokes bike share program to everyone across the peninsula,” said Ian Palacios of Holy Spokes. “We want to encourage those without accessible transportation to sign-up.”
[content-1] Memberships provide residents with a membership identification card that will unlock a Holy Spokes bike for 2 hours per day and a free helmet for a fun, safe ride.

We took a look at Holy Spokes back in 2017 if you need a primer.

For more information, call Holy Spokes at (843) 804-6992 or learn more on Just Ride’s website.

Holy Spokes Charleston Bike Share is a 24/7 transportation system providing a sustainable and affordable transportation option on the Charleston Peninsula.