Atlanta has Midtown, with gay-owned and gay-friendly shops, bars, and restaurants. Columbia has the Harriet Hancock Community Center, a resource for gays and lesbians managed by South Carolina Pride. Charleston’s GLBT community doesn’t have a neighborhood or a community center to call home — hell, we don’t even have a parade.

But what we do have is a dedicated collection of social groups that keep the community tethered together in various venues and meeting halls, like the Charleston Social Club, an organization of lesbians and straight women created by Lynn Dugan.

When she got to Charleston about seven years ago, Dugan was looking for a way to meet other lesbians in a social environment. As a City Paper employee at the time, she placed an ad in the paper for women interested in getting together in a welcoming environment.

“It’s just snowballed since then,” she says of the group, now with more than 600 members. “It’s not a dating service. It’s a way of meeting people.”

Dugan does a lot of the organizing in her spare time. The ladies go to dinner, to the movies, or special events like S.C. Pride. There are clubs for books, movies, and dining. The group has raised money for various causes, including the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation and Lifepoint, focused on organ and tissue donation. —Greg Hambrick

Charleston Social Club