The State reports that Kristin Maguire of Clemson will be the new chair of the state Board of Education. Maguire, who home-schools her kids, is also an advocate of teaching intelligent design and abstinence education in public schools. This highlights one of the problems with home-schooling at least among the rapture and black helicopters set: It’s not that schools fail to adequately educate our children (although you can argue that for sure), for home-schoolers, it’s what their children may learn that’s the problem. Yes, if you just pull your kids out of school, they will never learn about sex, drugs, and the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

On the bright side, the article generated the best quote of the day:

“Having Kristin Maguire chair the State Board of Education is akin to Dick Cheney teaching a gun safety course. What does a woman who home schools her four children know about South Carolina public schools?” said state Democratic Party Chairwoman Carol Fowler.