Charleston Police reported today that a carriage carrying tourists on a tour downtown flipped after a horses bridlle came lose. Spooked, the animal bolted, dragging the carriage along with it. The carriage hit a curb, shattering a wheel and turning it on it’s side, throwing several tourists from the carriage. Six were transported to the hospital.

We posted about similar trouble in New York back in September.

“We’re trying to keep alive a 19th-century conveyance in 21st-century Manhattan,” says Holly Cheever, one of America’s foremost equine veterinarians, who has worked since 1988 as the primary equine adviser for two states and 18 municipalities, including New York. “Horses are herbivores whose unique response to stress is to run their butts off. Because of that, in a split second you can have a horse go from being half asleep to being 1,200 pounds crashing through traffic.”