A horse carriage hit the rear bumper of a police car last week. The officer was conducting a traffic stop at the time.

The carriage driver, Paul Meeks of the Palmetto Carriage Company, told police he thought the horse was “spooked” by a puddle of water as it approached the police car.

There were no injuries. Highway patrol responded to the scene but did not file a report because the horse carriage was not a motor vehicle.

Press Time reported on an incident involving a different carriage company in October that caused injury to a carriage driver. This time last year, we covered some horse scares that happened within a few weeks of each other, leading to several injuries.

In better carriage news, Palmetto Carriage’s recent free ride day looks to have been a big success, particularly for the City Market community. More than 1,000 locals toured the area and spent some time and money down on the Market as well, according to operator Tom Doyle.