Tate Nation

The Charleston Horticultural Society will kick off “Spirit of Plantasia,” a month of events celebrating Lowcountry gardening, April 1.

Throughout April, garden enthusiasts will be able to purchase plants online April 1-20 or participate in events like socially distanced garden tours.

“Spirit of Plantasia” was created in response to the Horticultural Society’s annual two-day even Plantasia being canceled for the second year in a row in 2021. “While we have experienced a verity of challenges, like all non-profits have over the past year, we have found creative ways to fulfill our horticultural educational mission and get beautiful plants into the hands of as many Lowcountry gardeners as possible,” Horticultural Society director Kyle Barnette said in a press release.

The Horticultural Society will partner with local artist Tate Nation for the event. Tickets and the full schedule can be found online at the Horticultural Society’s website.