Instrumental duo Hot Mustard released the debut album Mother Sauce earlier this month. Guitarist Jack Powell and bassist Nick Carusos deliver a late-’60s and early-’70s funk and soul sound on the intricate tracks layered with ambient melodies and boom bap drum beats.   

Trumpeter Jordan McLean of Afrobeat band Antibalas and trombonist Dave “Smoota” Smith of TV on the Radio recorded the horn section featured on the album in Brooklyn. Powell then arranged and mixed the final product at his home studio, Opus Thimble Studios. 

“It took many years of untangling my own messes to deliver something that I consider pretty great,” Powell said of Mother Sauce, which is accompanied by his original animated video for the single, “Jerkwater Strut.” 

“Hot Mustard is designed to make people move and feel good, but it also has a lot of subtle complexity that keeps it interesting. Being a studio project, it’s more about writing and arranging than raw performance, although we always designate some spots to open up and let it fly.”