When my editor asked me if I wanted to go watch the AVPNext Championship Cup men’s volleyball tournament at The Windjammer, I thought to myself, "tan boys with six-packs? Sign me up!" So a girlfriend and I trekked out to IOP to check out the sandy boys and, sure enough, neither one of us was disappointed.

Perfectly toned and impeccably bronzed guys were digging up balls and slamming down aces, all on the little court directly behind the bar. The crowd, which was pretty thin, consisted of people dotting the balcony and picnic benches, and there were clearly some dedicated fans among them, judging by the personalized cheers coming from the stands.

After watching a few games, we headed toward the beach, frosty beers in tow. Just as I was about to step off the wooden walkway onto the sand I noticed the “No alcohol beyond this point sign” and, not ready to part ways with my half-full beer just yet, I started to turn around. Before I could even make a full 180 I saw a volleyball go whizzing by my face. One of the players ran toward me to collect the ball, wavy hair bouncing around his sculpted shoulders. Sigh. Having soaked up what we came for we decided to roll out before the rain, leaving the sexy guys behind to battle it out to head to San Fran for the AVP Crocs Tour.