There are slices of pizza and then there are massive, two-hands-needed, could-double-as-a-sausagey-poncho slices of pizza. Zombie Bob’s food truck has some pretty big ones, and now Benny Palmetto’s (433 W. Coleman Blvd.) — opening next to Coleman Public House in January — plans to offer even more.


“Our slices take up two plates,” says owner Erin Haselkorn. “They’re 14 inches.” And they’re pies? Well, prepare to get a 28-inch pizza through your car door.

The company has eight locations in Virginia, including the original Benny Marzano’s in Blackburg, Va. But Erin and her husband Adam — both CofC grads — are the first to launch the franchise in South Carolina. “Adam has been friends with the owners forever, and we thought it would be great in Charleston,” she says.

Wholly familiar with Lowcountry’s already teeming pizza scene, the couple isn’t concerned by the competition, even in light of the recently reopened landmark Andolini’s kitty-corner to their new location.

“There are a lot of pizza places in Charleston,” Erin says. “But a lot of them are gourmet. We’re not trying to do that. We’re doing one thing really well — really good slices with good ingredients made in-house.” 

The Haselkorns also hope to maximize on their location’s proximity to Shem Creek watering holes by staying open late. And as far as the price, Erin believes customers will be pleased with their $4 and $5 per slice fees. 

Great Value Colleges just came out with their 50 Great College Town Pizza Shops,” she says. “Benny Marzano’s was ranked No. 1.”  

While it may be hard for CofCers to hit up Benny’s in between class, Lord knows the Haselkorns will have plenty of alums to draw from the crowds attempting to relive their glory days on the Creek.