[image-1]For all the mega-investor supported restaurants in this town — you know, the ones with light bulbs that cost more than your car payment — some of our favorite eats happen to come from chefs working in sparse conditions. Spero and 2Nixons in particular continue to prove that you don’t need a pimped out kitchen to prepare great food, and now the men behind both are teaming up for a two-night collaboration.

On Aug. 26 and 27 2Nixons’ Chef Jeffrey Stoneberger and Spero’s chefs RJ Moody and Rob Laudicina will partner up for a prix-fixe menu of izakaya-style snacks, ramen, and more. In the quirky style we’ve come to expect from these guys, dinner will be $49 for 3 1/2 courses. A la carte will also be available at the dinner hosted at Spero.

Call Spero for reservations: (843) 203-3255.