Stratton Lawrence wrote up a quick story on the New Ideas for a New Carolina contestants last week. The real fun is always the wild card category. And the winner is …

Wild Card category:

Winner: Bryan Pierce Bowers, Jr., Charleston County – BikeBack, small, weatherproof GPS technology to track and retrieve a bicycle if it is stolen.

Honorable Mention: Ron Fulbright, Spartanburg County – Spockets, add pockets to any item of clothing using a magnet backing.

Here’s what Strat wrote about the Spocket.

Ron Fulbright, a professor at the University of South Carolina’s Upstate campus, won last year’s grand prize for his use of nano-sensor technology to detect dangerous chemicals at disaster scenes. He’s entered four inventions this year, including the “Spocket,” an exterior pocket that uses magnets to attach to pocket-less clothing.

“With the recent chilly weather, I’ve been wearing fleece shirts, and I like sticking my hands in the pocket on the front,” says Fulbright. “One day I had one on that did not have a pocket, and I kept trying to shove my hands into where it would be. I turned to my wife and said, ‘You know what? I should be able to have a pocket anytime I want.'”

Hattip to Ken Hawkins for inadvertently reminding me to check back in on who won.