Here’s the Wrap:

• “Islamic radicals” foiled in plot to kill soldiers at Fort Dix. Please, contain your childish snickering at Dix, this is a serious story. I’m serious! Dix is not funny! Oh, forget it.

• We knew it couldn’t be long before the federal government and the state began arguing over who’s doing the least to help those hurt by the tornadoes, insuring that even less gets done.

• Families of innocent civilians killed by U.S. troops in Afghanistan receive $2,000 in condolence money. Well, it’s better than sending flowers.

• Prince is planning to become a biblical scholar. He’s getting inspiration from “the prophets.” Let’s hope he’s not talking about Jermaine and Tito.

• A September deadline for progress in Iraq?

• Homeless man survives being crushed in garbage truck. Will Ferrell to star in big-screen adaptation.

• Stamps climb to 41 cents next week.

• Anna Nicole’s story is on Law & Order: Criminal Intent tonight. … Yes, that show is still on! Why are you looking at me like that ?! It’s on NBC. … Yes, NBC is still on the air! That’s it. I’m not talking to you anymore!