As if Republican U.S. Senate candidate Christine O’Donnell of Delaware had not embarrassed herself and her party enough with talk of witchcraft and masturbation, it turns out her own party has an outstanding complaint against her with the Federal Election Commission. And this is the Tea Party candidate endorsed by our own Sen. Jim DeMint in the recent primary. Really makes South Carolina proud, doesn’t it?

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The Delaware Republican Party filed a Federal Elections Commission complaint against Christine O’Donnell during the Senate primary — and now they can’t take it back.

The compliant was filed less than a week before the primary and, after O’Donnell surprise win against party-backed candidate Mike Castle (R), the state GOP is now technically pursuing an alleged violation of federal election law against its own Senate nominee.

Delaware GOP Chairman Tom Ross, a leading O’Donnell critic during the primary, may have called for his party to unify, but the election complaint filed by the party alleging illegal coordination between O’Donnell and the Tea Party Express is still very much alive.