Photo by Tatiana Byzova on Unsplash

The time has come, the calendar said, to take down that Christmas tree. As much as we all want to hold on to 2020, let’s admit that old tree is not long for this world.

That precious pine is bound for better things, like the rest of us, in 2021.

Some trees will become artificial reefs for shy fishies, thanks to the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources.

On the curb:

Other trees will be hauled out to the curb. Most local municipalities and public service districts will pick up your tree and haul it off on your normal yard waste collection day. (But double-check with your local government just in case.) And make sure to detangle all that tinsel first, please.

For the fish:

Residents who want to nominate their tree for DNR use can drop it off at the Bees Ferry Landfill in West Ashley. Trees unused by DNR will be mulched.

Each year, DNR gathers hundreds of used Christmas trees to refurbish sites along Lake Murray, weighing them down with cinder blocks and other items to form makeshift aquatic habitats.

“Fish like to live in places they feel protected,” said DNR Aquatic Education Coordinator Sarah Chaabane. “An exposed shoreline might be suitable for fish, but they might need a little encouragement.”

Drop it off:

Other drop sites that accept trees (and plenty of other stuff) can be found on the Charleston County website.