In mid-August, Hugh Howey released his final book in the WOOL series, Dust.


In just two weeks, it’s already reached the top of the Amazon Science Fiction charts and is currently #37 in the Paid Kindle Store. Not that this kind of success is anything new to the self-published author. Howey has appeared on both the New York Times and USA Today bestsellers’ list for the WOOL series, which follows a group of people living underground in a silo on an Earth which has become uninhabitable.

And Howey’s not pausing any time soon. His website shows five different works at varying degrees of completion and his blog is constantly being updated. He still self-publishes much of his work, despite having deals with companies like Simon and Schuster and frequent movie offers. Howey’s September 3 blog post details why he still loves to use Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing system to release books: “It’s good for the readers and the authors,” he says.

You can read a recent interview NPR did with Howey here. Keep up to date with Howey on his website,