So, in my typical effort to avoid work, I stumbled upon this odd info that was news to me. In post hurricane season analysis last year, there was an unidentified tropical storm for 24 hours between July 17 and 18 off the northeastern coast.

As part of its routine post-season review, the Tropical Prediction Center/National

Hurricane Center (TPC/NHC) occasionally identifies a previously undesignated tropical or

subtropical cyclone based on new data or meteorological interpretation. The TPC/NHC re-

analysis of 2006 has re-classified a short-lived system as a tropical storm. The storm remained

offshore of the northeastern United States and Nova Scotia and dissipated as a tropical cyclone

before moving across Newfoundland.

In the hurricane name game, that would have made the storm Beryl (so I guess some may say it dodged a bullet on that one), but it left Joyce, the next name to be used on the list after the final storm of the season (Hurricane Issac). Now Joyce will have to wait until 2012 and hope for an active season (but not too active) to see her name in lights.