Note the line about stereotypes. It’s precious. Really, who needs satire?


CASTING: Southern women who exude wit, beauty and charm! Are you tired of the negative stereotypes associated with southern women? If you keep an active social schedule, manage an impeccable household, partake in philanthropic causes, value proper etiquette, cling to Southern tradition and know the meaning of true Southern hospitality, then we want to hear from you.

Lifetime Television, the network behind “Army Wives,” is looking to showcase proud southern women in a new television series. We’re looking for dynamic, active women who want to let us into their lives and times. It is time to show America that Southern women truly exemplify ideal mothers, wives, sisters, friends, and neighbors. Romance us with your passion for the South…or your own bold interpretation of it.

Lifetime will be in Charleston interviewing real Southern women 9/22-10/12

For more information or to apply please click below:…-in-charleston