[image-1] Songwriter Ian Gwinnup took a slow burn approach to the release of his latest album Resurrection – 2018. Instead of putting it all out at once, he gave fans eight days of Ian, releasing a track a day starting on May 19. Today will see the release of the final song in the project, "Turns Out I Was Enough the Whole Time," completing it.

The full LP is more of what fans love about the songwriter: pop hooks, some feel-good tunes and a hip-hop delivery, but Gwinnup goes deeper than the glitz may suggest. According to the singer, Resurrection – 2018 tells the story of how he fell into drug addiction, survived it and was left "wondering what's next."
[content-1] "Things start light-hearted, get darker, leads to a climax and then a resolution," Gwinnup said. "It’s ultimately a story about letting the past die and moving forward toward a new life."

Like many artists around the world, Gwinnup leveraged a lot of his quarantine free-time to make his latest album. "I just got taken on a ride and started revising all these places in my heart and memory and before I knew it, I had all these tracks that all kind of felt like one thing," he said.

Each song from Resurrection – 2018 is available on Spotify and YouTube. The final track, "Turns Out I Was Enough the Whole Time," goes live at 6 p.m. Tuesday.