Just like Oceans 12, the sequel to O.J.: The Wacky Nutjob pales in comparison to the original.

Simpson is accused of leading an armed entourage into a hotel room at the Palace Station Hotel-Casino and making off with several items of sports memorabilia Thursday, the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police said.

No gloves?! No Bronco car chase?! And they call this entertainment! Wait … oh, it’s news.

• Former Mexico President Vicente Fox says President Bush is “the cockiest guy I ever met in my life.”

And this guy has met world leaders who wear military uniforms yet have never served in the military.

• The ACLU and The Washington Post have come to Larry Craig’s defense. Well, if he didn’t look guilty to the GOP establishment before …

• Doctors can’t reattach man’s arm after alligator bit it off. I wonder if they can amputate the mental image of those photos of the bloody, flailing armless man from my mind.