Froze my butt off this morning downtown (that is to say, it was probably like 45 degrees and I didn’t have a jacket on. But I have a strong suspicion that our limited fall is over (this year clocking in at about 72 hours).

I looked around the net for some comments on the heat in Charleston to warm the embers of our collective remembrance of those happier times … three days ago.

  • Summer is hot. Real hot. And humid. So humid, it’s difficult to breathe. Fall is a blip on the radar, winter is mild, and spring makes you wish you could live forever.
  • I’m from NE too. Moved to the island and I adjusted after about a month or 45 days here. It was one of the hottest summers on record that year and I didn’t expect it. UP to 100 degrees. It really has not been that hot since, maybe high 80’s. However, we all have central air, unlike up north, and you just stay in on the really hot days (siesta!) until about 7:30pm and then you enjoy life later in the evening! It’s really wonderful here, especially if you can stay close to the beaches, … It’s pretty darn hot in Summerville, Moncks C, Goose Creek, and North Charleston comparatively, but will be 5-10 degrees cooler nearer to the beaches..not on the beaches, just nearer to the beaches because you’ll get a breeze. I can’t image I endured that cold for all those years back home and would never trade it back. IT’s lovely here.
  • Lemme tell ya, 30 yrs in S. Fl. never produced any sweat, but one summer here sure did. But, the rest of the year is great.
  • Summer > Turn your oven on to 400, Stick ur head in a bucket of water, stick head in oven…Welcome to Summer
  • I always say that summer in Charleston is 4 months of Bad Hair Days!