[image-1]You know those idiots who couldn’t wait a few hours after a storm before strapping on their Bean boots and wading out into the floodwaters? Well, take solace and know that they might very well be walking around in poop water.

We’ve all seen these jerks — the ones who see themselves as suburban commandos on a vision quest to appear in the flood porn B-roll for the local news. Probably just before they slosh back home and drop their wet clothes for someone else to clean up.

DHEC puts it pretty simply: There’s nasty stuff in that water, don’t mess with it.

Here’s what they said yesterday on Facebook:

DHEC urges residents not to use area streams, rivers or the ocean for drinking, bathing or swimming due to the possibility of bacteria, waste water or other contaminants. Avoid wading through standing water due to the possibility of sharp objects, power lines or other hazardous debris that might be under the surface.

Of course, if you’re cool with poop water and wading around in other people’s trash, disregard.