[image-2]Sure, we’re all familiar with pop-ups, be they food, art, or retail related. But Ill Vibe the Tribe and The Royal American are bringing a sexy, underground flavor to the pop-up trend: Art Binge.

[image-1]Art Binge will be a quarterly art market at Royal starting June 30. The first market will feature work from visual artists Love Samurai, Chucktown’s own Concept Rxch, and Soulful Bliss; live performances by Poppy Native, Niecy Blues, and Stella Rae of New Galaxy; and a special menu prepared by chef Aaron Eames of Ambrosia Kitchen.

If you want to get a permanent reminder of the evening, first, buy some art, and for a temporary reminder let Emily Bramfield ink you up with a henna design. Between live sets Ill Vibe’s resident DJ Sista Misses will be providing the background jams.

And the price to experience this multi-sensory, cooler than your average pop-up affair? Five buckaroos. The party starts at 8 p.m.