There’s a lot of talk about securing our borders and cracking down on illegals. What hasn’t been talked about enough is improving the system that we already have to process legal immigrants into this country.

Personal story: Someone I know who was working in this country legally under a work visa fell in love and married an American woman and then had a beautiful baby. With his work visa nearing expiration. The man decided he would go home to Mexico and apply for citizenship as the husband of an American citizen. But some official delay that seems to have nothing to do with him has pushed his request for citizenship back, with estimates that it’ll be processed between two and 10 months, but no promises that it will even be done by then. He would reapply for a work visa, but because the government now knows he has a wife and child in America, they won’t authorize it because they know he wouldn’t be here just to work. So, with his wife and baby here as she begins law school, the man is stuck in Mexico until God knows when.

Considering this story, it’s no surprise that immigrants are wary of working “through the system.” Let’s make sure whatever changes that are made address the whole problem, not just a symptom of the problem.