I am so interested in lesbians. Why do they refrain from any intimacy with the male species? Every girl that I’ve met who claims to be a lesbian has been so sweet and caring that I cannot understand why any guy would not want to wrap them in their arms to comfort them. Is being gay biological, psychological or a combination of both? I’m not a sociologist, so in my conversations with gay women i seem to always miss the key element. One girl in particular is so fair and ladylike that I would love nothing better than to explore her sensitivity. Maybe thats where it ends. The minute I become the beast that all man are liable to become in bed with a gorgeous woman is where that safeguard brakes down. I believe that is completely natural if not ephemeral, but i can completely understand if it directly inflames the preconceived fears of men. There is no harm in trying to become the man that she needs at any given moment, sexual or otherwise, however if someone has perverted that special relationship before then more recovery is obviously needed. I am not to say that all gay men and women need some sort of extensive remedial help. All I want to know is why she does not feel the same (seemingly natural) attraction to me as I do her. I do not feel that I pose any sort of threat to her safety anymore than any man possibly could to the female sex. Maybe it’s a much larger risk than being with women. But if life is not full of risks worth taking, then I feel that we are doomed to strive for artificial, cold, safe intelligence. If i am not calling for romance then how do I respect gay women and retain my urge to be with them?