In case you haven’t been compulsively checking the weather, Hurricane Florence now looks like it will effect the entire southeast.

Here’s some important info to keep handy, even if you have evacuated:
The SC Emergency Management app is designed to help you in the case of an emergency and is built to work even if you don’t have service or wifi. They also have some other great tips for surviving the storm.

Speaking of not having service: Communication

Cell networks get clogged with the number of people trying to use it at once.

Use Wi-fi as long as you have it. If you have family or friends who are staying or who want to check on you, agree upon a non-cellular network-based communication app for messaging and calls, like Facebook Messenger, Google Hangouts, iMessage, or Skype.

If you lose Wi-fi, SMS text messages are the easiest for networks to handle in an emergency and may be more reliable than phone calls.

If you are concerned about losing power or utilities:

Be strategic with what you charge first. Charging a laptop will allow you to then use that to simultaneously charge other devices.

Keep food you think you’ll use in a cooler rather than in the fridge. Every time you open the door, cold air escapes, so only open it when you have to.

Before the storm, freeze water bottles to act as ice packs for your cooler or to leave in your freezer to keep things cold in case power goes out.

Top loading washing machines, bathtubs, and sinks can hold plenty of water.

Turn off your ice maker and empty it. If you lose power long enough for it to melt, it won’t make a mess in your freezer or the floor near your fridge.

Make sure to have a copy of your recent bills handy in case you need to report an outage.

To report a power outage:

SCE&G 888-333-4465 (phone) or TEXT – OUT to 467-234

Santee Cooper 888-769-7688 or report your outage online

Berkeley Electric Co-op 888-253-4232