Charleston has a potty problem. Anybody who has ever visited the Holy City knows this all too well, especially if you’ve ever taken a stroll to The Battery after downing a few pints at The Griffon, as some are wont to do while touristing. 

[image-1]Spoleto-goers, on the other hand, are well accustomed to having all of their natural needs taken care. Most events are inside one of the city’s lovely performing arts buildings, after all. However, one popular Spoleto venue is located outdoors, The Cistern. And while in years past, there were restrooms to the left of The Cistern, this year that area is under construction, so sadly, there are no bathrooms on site. Oh no. What’s a Justin Imbiber to do?

This go round, you’ll have to walk across the street to the Simons Center. It’s a brief enough walk, but given the tendency of Cistern concert-goers to toss back wine and beer with measured abandon, this little stroll may end up feeling like the Bataan Death March.

Keep this in mind, my thirsty friends. Keep this in mind.