[image-1]The folks at Theatre 99 put on a marathon night of comedy Saturday, with non-stop shows from 6-11 p.m. Though I didn’t make it for the entire night, I showed up before 8 p.m. and stayed until the end — and surprisingly, I didn’t even get antsy. Perhaps the comfy chairs, cheap beer, and Mellow Mushroom pizza had something to do with it. More likely, it was the constant laughs provided by the comedians, who didn’t let up as the hours sped by — not even the ones who played multiple shows.

It was a great chance to get a feel for all of the offerings at Theatre 99, with performances from acts like Big Dicktionary, Moral Fixation, Doppleganger (a mix of VH1’s Storytellers and Tenacious D), the Have Nots! (company founders and crowd favorites), and Improv Riot!, which brought together about 15 of the company’s players. It’s always impressive to watch people who are so naturally funny they can pull a hilarious performance right out of their ass. It’s even more impressive that I can’t think of one awkwardly un-funny moment from the whole night.[image-2][image-3]