We all know that laughing is good for us (a solid belly laugh can even lead to six pack abs, if you try hard enough), and new well-being oasis, Synchronicity, is prescribing some free ha-has with an improv class from Theatre 99 this Thurs. Aug. 22 at 7 p.m. Sync is located at 1513 Mathis Ferry Road.

Director of programming at Sync, Brian Durbin, says: “We believe improv offers an amazing opportunity for people to have a great time, but also get into the present moment and be fully with others.”

Sync notes that improv, especially when taught by local comedic vets at Theatre 99, allows you to put your full attention into something without worrying about the past or future. Living in the present moment? We can get down with that.

This event is free to attend but be sure to call ahead of time to reserve your spot, (843) 416-5006.

Learn more about Sync and all of its programming online at thesynclife.com