Megan Jean and the KFB
Dead Woman Walkin’

With Megan Jean on guitar, washboard, and stompbox, and her husband Byrne Klay on upright bass and banjo, Megan Jean and the KFB play a unique brand of gypsy-tinged Americana with hints of rockabilly and Delta blues on their new 11-song collection. Megan Jean’s deep voice and Klay’s bass work are the highlights here. She pulls off lines like, “That judge and jury gon’ eat you alive” with alarming conviction, while Klay’s bass serves as an equally powerful narrative tool, particularly his bowed swoops on the verses of “Big Bad Wolf.”

Things get exciting when they speed things up with rockabilly-infused tracks “Red Red” and “Demons.” On the latter, Megan Jean’s stripped-down percussion provides a simple yet effective beat while Klay’s bass runs to gallop around it. Fittingly-titled, the track “Welcome to the Big Top” is a circus-esque tune driven by an organ line straight out of a ’50s horror movie and arpeggiated banjo, while twisted guitar lines sweep in and out of the chorus like a busted carousel.

Overall, Dead Woman Walkin’ is a cohesive, sometimes downright creepy work. It comes shrink wrapped, but it feels nicely worn-in and dusty. (

Megan Jean and the KFB perform a CD release show at Eye Level Art on Sat. Nov. 13.