The Whisperjets
Sun and Moon

For teenaged musicians, it never gets better than playing for big crowds of adoring fans. When I was shuffling between trigonometry and detention, I would have killed for a band like Mt. Pleasant’s Whisperjets. Fortunately for the group of Wando grads, now scattered at various universities, the sophomore EP Sun and Moon proves they’ve got staying power if they reconvene next summer.

Opener “A Brighter Sun” is the album’s strongest track, with fun horn lines backing singer Corey Bargeloh’s slightly nasal delivery. It’s reminiscent of groups like Pain and Less Than Jake that graced the Southeast’s ’90s ska/punk scene and obvious fodder for young fans looking for a rambunctious dance floor.

The verse structure of “I Swear (Anything but Love)” wears its Neutral Milk Hotel influence prominently, before the upbeat “Teeth Like Baseballs.” It’s a tribute to Hunter S. Thompson, but with uplifting horns and strained lyrics, the tune struggles to fully resound.

Fortunately, the album closes especially strong with “Copper Moon,” from its building crescendo intro to its quick descent into the catchy chorus. The song’s time changes and transitions show off the Whisperjets’ collective skills as composers and subtly gives each band member a chance to show off their impressive individual chops. (